About Custom Cue care:


My name is Tom Lopes and I like to play pool and attend pool tournaments. I have always taken care of my own cues. From putting on tips, steaming out nicks and replacing ferrules. I used my fathers lathe for ten years, and today I now own my own pool cue specific lathe.

  Custom Cue Care:
    I wanted the name of my service to impress the thought that your cue will be treated with the greatest care and you could intrust your fine custom cues to me.
  • I offer a large selection of layered and standard tips and can press tips to make them harder.
  • I offer a good selection of ferrules and can fix or replace broken Tenens.
  • I install a good selection of genuine Irish Linen Wraps. <click here to see wraps>
  • Shaft cleaning and sealing that keeps your cue cleaner longer and will help protect it from warping.
  • Can steam out nicks from your shaft.
This is a tip guage that enables me to find out the true hardness of any tip.
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